• Selected Publications

    Invited Articles and Op-Eds

    Patel, L. (Feb 3, 2021). When college graduates participate in a white supremacist riot. Beacon Broadside.


    Patel, L (May 22, 2019). The SAT’s Adversity Score is a Poor Fix for a Problematic Test. The Conversation. (reprinted in 14 other outlets). https://theconversation.com/the-sats-new-adversity-score-is-a-poor-fix-for-a-problematic-test-117363


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    Refereed Articles

    Patel, L. (2021). Social categories and the differences within: A theoretical call for dynamic analyses. International Journal for Qualitative Studies in Research. DOI: 10.1080/09518398.2021.1982046


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    Selected Funded Projects


    Study and struggle: The public and private pedagogies of social movements

    Spencer Foundation Discretionary Grant. Amount awarded: $75,000



    Interrupting the internalization of inequity

    Education research service project funded by the American Educational Research Association to provide technical research assistance to two youth development organizations, Youth in Action Rhode Island and Pittsfield Listens, in their work to engage young people in analyzing and interrupting intersectional inequities. Amount awarded: $4650.00



    Out of school language learning in culturally based organizations: A youth participatory project

    Robert Browne Foundation grant to support youth-led research into out-of-school practices and settings that facilitate learning in multi-ethnic and multi-lingual contexts.



    Social locations and intersectionality: A cross-setting collaborative project

    Boston College-sponsored competitive collaborative research grant of $93,000 to support, research, and further knowledge about the ways to structure and support educational praxis for migrant and U.S. born youth exploring identity in school and out of school settings.